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At GetHedge, our focus is on you the user. We only recommend services we personally know and trust, or use ourselves. From wallets to payroll services and everything in-between, we’ve got you covered.
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Hot Wallets


ZenGo’s wallet app gets rave reviews for clean, smart movement with ease by its users. With a 4.78 star rating across both Google Play and the App store, ZenGo puts the user experience first. Tired of complex passwords and long phrases? Not with ZenGo! Using state of the art facial biometrics and encryption, your crypto is safe from any attacks and phishing attempts.
ZenGo also has all the bells and whistles you’d want from today’s storage wallets, with NFT storage capabilities, a secure bridge to Web3, DeFi and more! With a ZenGo wallet, you can never ‘go’ wrong.

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Cold Wallets


The Ellipal Titan is a fully protected self-custody wallet. The Titan is air-gapped, which means it never connects directly to the internet, thus preventing unauthorized access, cyber hacks and any other attack that comes with being connected to the internet.

Users are able to purchase, store and swap their cryptocurrencies. The Titan also allows for staking and NFT storage, making it a fully functioning cold storage wallet for today’s crypto user!

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The Arculus cold storage wallet streamlines the self-custody process, with 3 factor authentication, superior security, the ability to view, store and share NFTs, live customer support and the Arculus key card that utilizes cutting edge technology to by simply tapping your mobile device with the card to gain access to your assets.

The non-custodial wallet is home to millions of users globally, and provides investors the ability to safely store their digital assets.


Coolwallet offers crypto in your pocket, with their cold storage wallets built around the idea that ‘what’s in your wallet’ should be your money. Built to literally fit in your wallet, the Coolwallet stable of options for storing your crytpo investments includes co-branded options from some of the leading exchanges, as well as a strong support center and staff. Be one of the cool kids with their in-app NFT support as well, and buy your Coolwallet today!

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Buy a Ballet wallet and learn how they make crypto easy. A self-custody wallet that holds the private keys on the card itself, Ballet is great for newer investors in crypto. Want a card with with your favorite crypto on the front? Then Ballet is the wallet choice for you!

With a fully interactive app that allows you to see your crypto holdings, you’re never more than a few touches away from seeing how your portfolio is doing. Store the card in a safe or in your wallet, you choose where your keys are stored.

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Ledger wallets are synonymous with the Bitcoin movement, with over 4 million customers globally. DeFi apps, NFTs and more, Ledger gives you full access to a world of alternative assets on one device. Choose which Ledger wallet suits you best, and go from there!

The Ledger team also goes to great lengths to inform and educate their users through newsletters, live sessions, podcasts and even a Ledger Academy!

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Keep Key Logo


Although far from shaped like a key, the KeepKey cold storage wallet does secure your crypto as well as anything on the market today. Tied to the decentralized exchange Shapeshift, enjoy the ability to swap in and out of different cryptos with ease while also being able to store the device easily in any safe or other location you don’t want the bad guys to find it.
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Trezor is a cold storage hardware wallet with excellent security for your cryptocurrency it also links with Exodus's hot wallet to enable an added layer of security for your hot wallet.

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Payroll Services and Apps


GetPayroll can enable your company to disperse crypto payments to your employees using the gethedge backend.


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Other Services

Crypto Steel

Secure your wallets and seed phrases with the mother of all backups. Cryptosteel capsules are the premiere back up tool for autonomous offline storage of valuable data without needing a 3rd party. Engraving onto stainless steel that is also shock proof, fireproof, and acid-resistant, you’re guaranteed the safest way to store your valuable info.

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