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Hedge Is Ready For Summer!

Woman looking into the ocean holding her hat

The Hedge team is excited to announce today the addition ofDanielle Moinet as Director of Marketing & Social Engagement.

headshot of Danielle Moinette Summer Rae

Danielle, who wrestled as Summer Rae for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) from 2013-17, brings a wealth of marketing and e-commerce experience to our team, including a combined 2.7 million followers on Instagram and Twitter. She also has a Business Degree with an emphasis in Marketing from East Carolina University.

With the historic hire, Danielle becomes the first known current or former professional female athlete to take an active executive position with a cryptocurrency related company.

Danielle has already been working with us in the background prior to and after our successful rebrand to ‘Hedge’ last week, and has been critical in our planned marketing rollout as we come closer to our participation as a sponsor at Bitcoin 2021 in Miami, June 4-5th.

Danielle was a great choice for this position, as her ability to maximize social media and marketing potential to a targeted audience fits perfectly with our plan to enhance exposure through both contemporary and traditional marketing avenues.

She has also been unstoppable since first being ‘red pilled’ a few months ago, learning everything she possibly can with an open mind. Her energy level and focus to detail is virtually unmatched, and we are excited that she will be a part of our team as we move forward towards our launch of Hedge in the coming months. Congratulations Danielle, and welcome!