NASHVILLE, Tenn., June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GetHedge announced today a partnership with GetPayroll to further enhance the first-ever cryptocurrency payroll program between a traditional payroll service and cryptocurrency fintech companies.


The partnership between GetHedge and GetPayroll marks a historic leap forward for payroll services across the country.  With the partnership, GetHedge becomes the first crypto fintech platform in the United States to offer Ethereum and Litecoin, alongside Bitcoin, as automated pay conversion options through a traditional payroll payments service.


GetPayroll is coming off a recent announcement in May, revealing it also would be working with industry-leading bitcoin tech company NYDIG. By adding GetHedge as a fiat-to-crypto pay conversion option, GetPayroll will also be offering pay conversion services directly to the individual employee, rather than needing to sign up an entire company, as is the case with NYDIG.  This flexibility in service offerings to both company and individual is revolutionary.


GetHedge CEO and co-founder David Schwartz said he looks forward to the partnership, stating, “Joining forces with GetPayroll will prove invaluable to the future development of crypto integration into the traditional payroll services sector. With GetPayroll’s emphasis on compliance and terrific customer service, we know a lot of small businesses will benefit from this partnership.”


The partnership is only the beginning of GetHedge’s plans for further innovation, according to Paul Bradley, co-founder of GetHedge. “We’re working towards a future where consumers, business, and employees can fluidly operate between fiat and crypto, in payment, income, and investment industries. And we’re well on our way.”


Both GetHedge and its new partner GetPayroll are also veteran-owned companies, and are proud to stand together this Memorial Day week in gratitude to all those who have sacrificed for our country.


The GetHedge team will be in Austin, Texas for CoinDesk’s annual cryptocurrency convention, Consensus, scheduled for June 9-12, and will be available for press interviews and inquiries throughout the conference.


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