Focus Will Be On Educating Tulsa’s 1 Million Residents Through Popular 102.3 FM Crypto Show And Growing Streaming Presence

Hedge, a payroll-to-cryptocurrency conversion service based out of Brentwood, Tennessee, has teamed up with the ‘Cryptocurrency With Matthew J. Moore’ show, a popular radio show airing on 102.3 KRMG in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with shows also available on Spotify, Apple, and Google podcasts.

The Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-based radio show airs live every Sunday evening with Matt Moore and his team to a potential local audience of 1 million Tulsa and surrounding area residents, hosting guests from every corner of the nascent technologies that make up the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. The show has garnered positive reviews for its focus on promoting the most beneficial and least understood aspects of Bitcoin, and the sovereign freedoms obtained through the investing of such a paradigm-shifting technology in today’s digital world.

They have the pulse of Tulsa and crypto education down to a tee, so it's a perfect way to continue one of our own core goals of mass education = mass adoption.

David SchwartzCEO

“Hedge is excited to expand its goal to both enable the masses in converting any amount of their pay directly into cryptocurrencies and also educate them about the benefits, inner workings and many use cases it provides everyone,” says David Schwartz, CEO of Cornerstone Global Management, Inc., Hedge’s company. “We’re excited to do this with Matt and his team. They have the pulse of Tulsa and crypto education down to a tee, so it’s a perfect way to continue one of our own core goals of mass education = mass adoption.”

Matt reiterated the same by stating, “My goal with the radio show has always been to grow cryptocurrency understanding and adoption, by meeting people where they are. Radio has been a perfect platform to do this and teaming up with Hedge will give us greater tools and knowledge to help enhance these educational efforts.”

The radio show, which airs every Sunday evening from 5-6 pm CST, will begin the educational partnership with the December 12th show and initially run 6 months.

About Cornerstone Global Management, Inc

Cornerstone Global Management, Inc provides a simple and seamless way for employees to allocate any portion of their salary for conversions into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum and sent to the wallet(s) of their choice through their revolutionary platform ‘Hedge’. The platform is also available for integration directly into any cryptocurrency wallet, exchange, or app. Cornerstone’s ability to fully service the individual investor also includes pre-paid/debit card offerings involving cryptocurrencies, giving its users a full spectrum of services.

About Matthew J. Moore

Matt is a cryptocurrency consultant and sound money enthusiast who creates educational videos and on-air segments on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. In 2019 Matt was responsible for helping author some of the very first pro cryptocurrency legislation introduced in the Oklahoma legislature. Matt was also given the opportunity to host an interim study at the Oklahoma State Capitol in order to teach lawmakers about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Matt is the current host of ‘Cryptocurrency with Matthew Moore‘ on 102.3 KRMG out of Tulsa, Oklahoma.