TransCard President Tabbed As Key Advisor To Cryptocurrency Fintech Company

Cornerstone Global Management, LLC (CGM) announced today that Chris Fuller, President of TransCard, an integrated global technology and payments company located in Chattanooga, Tennessee as a key advisor for it’s soon to be released payroll to crypto conversion platform ‘Hedge‘.

As President of TransCard, Chris oversees the overall strategic direction and further expanding corporate partners and relationships by providing TransCard’s technology for faster, more efficient payments. He also recently co-founded two new businesses: Prysym, a global payment technologies company for the European market providing a global in/out API bank grade platform; and Tralia Health providing small businesses and individuals with alternative offerings for health benefits. He was formerly with U.S. Xpress, a leading transportation and logistics company in the United States, as Vice President and General Manager.

Chris has been an integral 'behind the scenes' proponent for us for a quite a few months already, so bringing him in officially as a key advisor only makes sense.

— David Schwartz, CGM & Hedge CEO

Over the past eight months, Hedge has transformed it’s focus and strategic planning through ongoing assistance and guidance from Chris, allowing itself to be favorably positioned for the rush of employees globally who will seek easier and more seamless ways to dollar cost average (DCA) into cryptocurrencies than the now standard, step-by-step practice of manually purchasing, moving and storing them on or off an exchange.

“Chris has been an integral ‘behind the scenes’ proponent for us for a quite a few months already, so bringing him in officially as a key advisor only makes sense. I don’t know where we would honestly be without him at this point, and I don’t want to know,” stated David Schwartz, CEO and Co-Founder of CGM and Hedge.

Hedge recently rebranded to it’s current name, while also making news by adding former WWE Superstar Danielle Moinet (aka Summer Rae) as Director of Marketing & Social Media Engagement, and veteran MLS star CJ Sapong of the Nashville SC as Professional Athlete & Teams Engagement Advisor. Hedge’s payroll to crypto conversion program is currently scheduled to be available to employees in the United States, Europe and UK in the mid to latter half of 2021.

About Transcard: Transcard makes frictionless payments a reality with comprehensive global payment solutions designed for banks, fintechs, and
businesses of any size and in any industry. Transcard delivers solutions for business-to-business (B2B) payments, consumer-to-business (C2B) payments,
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About Hedge: Hedge is a payroll conversion product created by CGM to help employees convert any portion of their pay into Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum through Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA), and automatically sending it to the cryptocurrency wallet(s) of their choice.

CJ Sapong Scores Advisor Role To Crypto Fintech Company, Will Convert Portion of MLS Salary Into Cryptocurrencies

Hedge To Convert CJ’s Salary to Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, With Digifox As His Crypto Wallet of Choice

Fresh off the heels of announcing former WWE Superstar Summer Rae (Danielle Moinet) as the first female athlete to accept an executive position with a cryptocurrency company, Cornerstone Global Management, LLC (CGM) is happy to also announce the addition of active Major League Soccer star, CJ Sapong as an advisor to Hedge. Hedge’s addition of CJ helps them gain access to both management and players of teams across multiple sports at the professional level. He also provides the first-hand experience and mindset of a pro athlete who may be interested in converting a portion of their pay into cryptocurrencies.

...I am excited about the potential Hedge brings to athletes, specifically. Time is already at a premium for us, so dollar cost averaging into Bitcoin, Litecoin and a perfect fit,”

— CJ Sapong

CJ has been in the cryptocurrency space for a number of years, and recently spoke on a panel alongside former MMA champion Ben Askren and active NASCAR driver Landon Cassill at the 2019 Litecoin Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. These experiences have prepared him in helping Hedge reach the ‘goal’ of teaching other athletes the importance of holding cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum within their investment portfolio.

CJ will also be the first professional athlete to use Cornerstone’s payroll conversion program,, to convert a portion of his salary as an MLS player into Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum upon its release. In doing so, he has also chosen Digifox, the multi-functional cryptocurrency wallet created by the famous YouTuber Nicholas Merten (aka DataDash), as the destination for his converted salary.

“Having been in the cryptocurrency space as an investor for a few years now, I am excited about the potential Hedge brings to athletes, specifically. Time is already at a premium for us, so dollar cost averaging into Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum through Hedge’s payroll conversion program is a perfect fit,” states CJ.

“I’m also excited about using Digifox as the wallet my pay in crypto will be going to. I’m basically able to do everything with my crypto I want in one app, and have been a fan of it for some time already.”

Nicholas Merten, the CEO of Digifox and YouTube Crypto Star known as DataDash had this to say about CJ choosing Digifox as the destination for his converted pay into crypto:

“CJ is one of the few leading athletes that are helping to spark a revolution in the cryptocurrency industry. We’re incredibly thankful he’s chosen to use Digifox, and we couldn’t be more proud to help in leading crypto forward into the mainstream.”

A ten-year MLS veteran, CJ currently plays Forward for Nashville SC and was named MLS Rookie of the Year in 2011. He won the Open Cup Championship with Kansas City in 2012, and MLS Championship in 2013. He has also represented the United States national team and most recently played for the Chicago Fire from 2019-2020. CJ is seen as a respected and key leader within the MLS Players Association, and most recently helped form the organization Black Players for Change in 2020.

About Digifox: Digifox is an all-in-one financial application, allow you to buy cryptocurrencies, earn interest on your savings, and send/receive money across the globe. From earning 10% on your savings, to building your crypto portfolio, Digifox has got you covered.

About Hedge: Hedge is a payroll conversion product created by CGM to help employees convert any portion of their pay into Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum through Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA), and automatically sending it to the cryptocurrency wallet(s) of their choice.

Hedge Is Ready For Summer!

The Hedge team is excited to announce today the addition ofDanielle Moinet as Director of Marketing & Social Engagement.

Danielle, who wrestled as Summer Rae for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) from 2013-17, brings a wealth of marketing and e-commerce experience to our team, including a combined 2.7 million followers on Instagram and Twitter. She also has a Business Degree with an emphasis in Marketing from East Carolina University.

With the historic hire, Danielle becomes the first known current or former professional female athlete to take an active executive position with a cryptocurrency related company.

Danielle has already been working with us in the background prior to and after our successful rebrand to ‘Hedge’ last week, and has been critical in our planned marketing rollout as we come closer to our participation as a sponsor at Bitcoin 2021 in Miami, June 4-5th.

Danielle was a great choice for this position, as her ability to maximize social media and marketing potential to a targeted audience fits perfectly with our plan to enhance exposure through both contemporary and traditional marketing avenues.

She has also been unstoppable since first being ‘red pilled’ a few months ago, learning everything she possibly can with an open mind. Her energy level and focus to detail is virtually unmatched, and we are excited that she will be a part of our team as we move forward towards our launch of Hedge in the coming months. Congratulations Danielle, and welcome!

Hedging Our Bets With A Rebrand

Branding a product or company can be difficult. How you are seen by a potential consumer base is critical to success. Because of this complex and critical aspect of marketing, we have decided to change the brand name of our flagship product, the automated payroll conversion from fiat to cryptocurrencies from CP3 (Crypto Personal Payment Plan) to ‘Hedge’. We have also decided to rebrand our company logo to better reflect the kind of user we intend to attract and serve.We’ll start with the rebranding of our product. At its conception in 2019, CP3 made sense but ultimately didn’t roll off the tongue easily. If someone had randomly seen the acronym somewhere, it was difficult to figure out what CP3 even meant. It was also difficult to incorporate other related products like crypto debit/pre-paid cards and on/off ramp capabilities for companies under the same name. We also wanted to have something people could connect with through a relatable mascot, and a logo with an acronym just didn’t seem to cut it.Enter ‘Hedge’.The name Hedge represents the core reason as to why many of us invest in cryptocurrencies to begin with. It is a call to action; a deliberate response to the current global financial environment. The name is concise and easily identifiable.

With crisp, thin flowing lines, the font used invokes a feel of organization, adaptability and confidence in taking over of one’s individual financial sovereignty and future.

The hedgehog was chosen as the product’s mascot due to it’s intentional nature and character. The hedgehog is known for it’s laser focus on an individual task, performing it as efficiently as possible. We feel this best represents the user’s ability to automatically convert any portion of their pay to crypto without having to go to an exchange or manually move your crypto once it has been converted. Not to mention, hedgehogs are cute!

It was also important for us to honor those who helped pave the way to financial freedom for millions through their work in bringing Bitcoin to the world. With this in mind, we have named the hedgehog ‘Hal’, in honor of Hal Finney, the closest person to have worked directly with Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, and recipient of the first Bitcoin transaction. We have also given Hal a punk hairstyle to represent the cypherpunk movement as a whole. Hal has his own modern personality as well, as a cyberpunk…shown through his colorful paws and goggles.

We are excited for this change and confident with not only how it will be received, but also proud of how it is able to capture the spirit of not just it’s users, but the history this space has and will continue to carve out for future generations.

Our company logo has also been changed to better symbolize the financial world we all live in. The green and red candles represent the charts used in trading, with a solitary white circle as it’s target, driving home the idea that a dollar cost average (DCA) investment strategy widens the bullseye and allows for a higher probability of success for the average investor.

We also chose the same font used with Hedge to reflect a uniformity in vision between our mission and product(s). Lastly, even though our company name will continue to be Cornerstone Global Management, LLC it is a mouthful and not conducive to easy recognition. Hence, the acronym CGM will be used on all branding to simplify its name on merchandise, advertising and display at public events.

We feel these changes help us put our best foot forward as we continue to move towards going live with our product offerings in the very near future, and we are excited you are along with us for the ride. The next 60-90 days will be life changing for many, and we are honored you have chosen us (and Hal) to be a part of your personal journey to financial freedom.

Be sure to stay up to date as we approach our ‘go-live’ date by following Hal at (@gethedgecrypto) on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, and by visiting our new website, at And remember, get paid with crypto and start living on the Hedge!