Nashville Athletes getting paid in Crypto

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CJ Sapong and Tommy Hudson have both opted to take a portion of their salaries in crypto

Nashville Soccer Club superstar striker, CJ Sapong and Titans tight end Tommy Hudson have joined the crypto craze. Both players have opted to take some of their salaries in cryptocurrencies.

But how are they getting paid if neither Nashville SC nor the Titans have a crypto coffer?

Sapong and Hudson use GetHedge — a crypto payment processing platform that automatically converts pay into Bitcoin, Litecoin, and/or Ethereum —  three of the most popular liquid cryptocurrencies. Liquid cryptocurrencies are cryptocurrencies that can quickly and easily be converted to cash.

CJ Sapong on GetHedge

Sapong, who currently receives 25 percent of his earnings in crypto, was one of the Nashville fintech company’s first adopters. He began using GetHedge in December 2021 during the startup’s beta testing.

The 33-year-old father of two says the platform is perfect for dollar-cost averaging — a  strategy where an investor invests a total sum of money in small increments over time instead of all at once — and allows him to adjust his investments as needed.

The famous footballer favors Bitcoin and Litecoin. However, he likes Ethereum for its NFT compatibility.

A self-proclaimed “nerd” Sapong, says he first started dabbling into the Defi world back in 2017 — two years after he first heard the word Bitcoin.

“In 2015, I was traded by Sporting KC to Philadelphia Union,” says Sapong. “On my drive from Kansas to Philly, I stopped at a gas station to go to the bathroom and get something to eat. Inside some old guy approached me and started talking about Bitcoin. He kept telling me I should invest in it. I was tired and a little annoyed so I wrote it off.”

In 2017, as Bitcoin became more mainstream, Sapong started researching and soon investing. Then, just four years after “writing off crypto”, Sapong spoke at the 2019 Litecoin Summit. That is where he met David Schwartz, the CEO, and co-founder of GetHedge. Sapong says, “the rest was history.”

Tommy Hudson on GetHedge

Tommy Hudson just recently jumped on the GetHedge train. The Titan’s tight end began receiving a portion of his pay in crypto last month. He, like Sapong, touts GetHedge’s technology for dollar-cost average investing.

He too prefers blue chip cryptocurrencies — well-established cryptocurrencies with higher liquidity and sizable market caps — like Bitcoin and Litecoin.

The former Arizona State tight-end started investing in cryptocurrencies during his freshman year of college (2016), using a portion of his college scholarship money. He watched his investments (Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum) grow substantially in 2017.

Since then, Hudson has continued to invest in cryptocurrency. He says he heard about GetHedge from a friend at an Alliance Bernstein event a few months ago.

“I was attracted to the platform because of the potential to automate my investments, “ Hudson says. “It’s great for anyone who likes dollar-cost average investing.”

GetHedge is not exclusive to professional athletes. Anyone who receives a paycheck can use GetHedge.

Here’s how GetHedge works

First, individuals sign-up for a free GetHedge account. Creating an account is as simple as setting up a Gmail account. Users will then be prompted to verify their ID. Once a user’s identity is confirmed, GetHedge provides him or her with a bank account that is solely to convert any money deposited into crypto.

Then, on their GetHedge profile, users will choose which cryptos they want their income converted into, as well as where they would like the converted crypto to land. The crypto can stay on the GetHedge platform where it can be moved off manually later or it can be sent to crypto wallets the user already owns.

From there the process works the same as setting up a direct deposit with any other bank account. Users will input the bank account and routing number of the bank account GetHedge created for them into their payroll system. The employee can set the percentage of pay or specific dollar amount from their paycheck to be deposited. All of the money deposited into the account will be invested based on the user’s instructions

About GetHedge

GetHedge was founded in April 2021 by David Schwartz and Paul Bradley.

Last year, the Nashville-based startup received pre-seed investments from Charlie Lee — the creator of Litecoin — and the founders of Blockbank, a cryptocurrency app.

Prior to starting GetHedge, Schwartz spent 25 years in HR for the military and the State of Wisconsin. He entered the crypto realm four years ago. He began serving as the Director of Strategic Partnerships for the Litecoin Foundation — a non-profit organization created to help promote the awareness, adoption, and education of Litecoin. He continues to serve in that role even as he builds GetHedge.

Bradley, a Nashville native spent 25 years in the banking and fintech sectors developing transaction software and structures, prior to joining forces with Schwartz and founding GetHedge.

“GetHedge is proud to be a part of the stories of these professional athletes,” Bradley says. “However, we want people to know that you don’t have to be a professional athlete to use GetHedge. GetHedge can be used by anyone who receives a paycheck.”

GetHedge Partners With GetPayroll to Offer First-Ever Crypto Payroll Program

NASHVILLE, Tenn., June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GetHedge announced today a partnership with GetPayroll to further enhance the first-ever cryptocurrency payroll program between a traditional payroll service and cryptocurrency fintech companies.


The partnership between GetHedge and GetPayroll marks a historic leap forward for payroll services across the country.  With the partnership, GetHedge becomes the first crypto fintech platform in the United States to offer Ethereum and Litecoin, alongside Bitcoin, as automated pay conversion options through a traditional payroll payments service.


GetPayroll is coming off a recent announcement in May, revealing it also would be working with industry-leading bitcoin tech company NYDIG. By adding GetHedge as a fiat-to-crypto pay conversion option, GetPayroll will also be offering pay conversion services directly to the individual employee, rather than needing to sign up an entire company, as is the case with NYDIG.  This flexibility in service offerings to both company and individual is revolutionary.


GetHedge CEO and co-founder David Schwartz said he looks forward to the partnership, stating, “Joining forces with GetPayroll will prove invaluable to the future development of crypto integration into the traditional payroll services sector. With GetPayroll’s emphasis on compliance and terrific customer service, we know a lot of small businesses will benefit from this partnership.”


The partnership is only the beginning of GetHedge’s plans for further innovation, according to Paul Bradley, co-founder of GetHedge. “We’re working towards a future where consumers, business, and employees can fluidly operate between fiat and crypto, in payment, income, and investment industries. And we’re well on our way.”


Both GetHedge and its new partner GetPayroll are also veteran-owned companies, and are proud to stand together this Memorial Day week in gratitude to all those who have sacrificed for our country.


The GetHedge team will be in Austin, Texas for CoinDesk’s annual cryptocurrency convention, Consensus, scheduled for June 9-12, and will be available for press interviews and inquiries throughout the conference.


Visit to learn more.

Valkyrie Investments and Nashville SC collaborate with Cornerstone Global Management on Bitcoin partnership

Nashville / April 27, 2022 / PR Newswire –

Valkyrie Investments, a leading investment manager focused on digital assets, is excited to announce it is working with Cornerstone Global Management, Inc (Cornerstone) to enable the recently announced Bitcoin partnership with Major League Soccer (MLS) team Nashville SC.


Cornerstone is a Nashville-based digital asset services firm with portfolio companies including Paydrop, which enables both employers and workers the flexibility to execute payments in a seamless manner with easy tax reporting tools for year end tax filing; and Hedge, a versatile crypto conversion platform that allows users to automatically convert any amount and type of income (W2, 1099, etc.) from fiat into Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, and vice-versa.


The Nashville SC partnership will be executed using the Hedge platform.


“When looking for a seamless, easy-to-use way to make our partnership with Nashville SC possible, Hedge was the obvious choice,” said Valkyrie Investments CEO Leah Wald. “We’re glad to work with them and are eager to expand this relationship even further.”


Valkyrie and Cornerstone, both Nashville based companies, along with one of Cornerstone’s key partners, Chattanooga-based Transcard LLC, are rapidly helping turn the city (and state) into a burgeoning global crypto hub. Additionally, Nashville SC star forward CJ Sapong is paid in Bitcoin through Hedge; and in Jackson, TN, city employees now have the option of being paid in Bitcoin.


“We’re proud to help Nashville lead the way for digital asset and blockchain innovation,” said David Schwartz, CEO and co-founder at Cornerstone. ”As more and more people and companies desire to be paid in Bitcoin, we look forward to helping them make that possible.”


Tennessee is among a number of states including Wyoming, Arizona, and Florida that are increasingly looking at ways to take advantage of the benefits of digital assets and cryptocurrencies as a payment solution.


About Valkyrie Investments


Valkyrie Investments Inc. (“Valkyrie Investments”) is a leading financial services firm with a focus on digital assets. Headquartered in Nashville, Valkyrie’s team combines deep technical expertise in this emerging asset class with decades of experience launching investment vehicles for a wide variety of market participants. The firm is led by financial industry veterans with decades of experience across firms including Guggenheim Partners, UBS, Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and The World Bank.


About Cornerstone Global Management, Inc


Cornerstone Global Management, Inc. Is a 3rd layer cryptocurrency focused fintech company geared towards providing the interoperability bridge between fiat and crypto. Its services concentrate on the ability for consumers and businesses to fluidly convert between fiat and cryptocurrencies within the income and payments industries. With over 50 years of combined experience in the human resources, banking and enterprise level payments industries, Cornerstone is well positioned to become a leader in both the cryptocurrency and payments spaces. Visit to learn more.


Media contact

Ryan Gorman

Chief Communications Officer

Valkyrie Investments

Ellipal Adds Link To Hedge Inside Titan Cold Storage Wallet For Users

We are excited to announce that Ellipal (, creator of the Titan wallet, has added Hedge to their shortlist of partners displayed within the ‘Discover’ area of their app!  Ellipal will display Hal, the Hedge mascot, as an icon within their app, allowing users of the Titan cold storage wallet to access a co-branded page introducing them to Hedge and providing them an opportunity to sign up for the automated pay conversion service (US residents only at this time) through their link.

The Ellipal Titan wallet is an air-gapped, anti-disassembly cold storage wallet that allows you to store, stake and trade within the wallet through their strategic partnerships, which now include Hedge.

Ellipal Titan Cryptocurrency Wallet and Phone with app

“I’ve been using an Ellipal Titan as my ‘go to’ cold storage wallet since 2018 and highly recommend them for anyone who likes the idea of not having to be connected to a laptop in order to use or view their cold storage coins,” said David Schwartz, Co-Founder of Hedge. “For them to be the first to do this in their genre of wallets was a no-brainer and I’m glad we have been able to make this a reality.  I can’t wait to see how many people decide to sign up through Ellipal, and have their pay converted and sent to their Ellipal wallets.”

As Hedge is introduced to additional geographic areas throughout 2022 and beyond, Ellipal will have positioned itself to take advantage of this growth through its user base that has already seen well over 50,000 downloads of its wallet app.

If you’re someone who enjoys an easy user interface to go along with knowing your coins are safe through the private keys that you own and control, go to the website today and see why the Hedge team is excited about this new partnership!

Heading into offseason, MLS Veteran Teams Up with Fintech Firm Hedge to Convert Payroll into Crypto

Headshot of C.J. Sapong

Nashville SC Forward CJ Sapong using Hedge’s breakthrough service to seamlessly convert season bonuses & future MLS pay into crypto

BRENTWOOD, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, December 23, 2021 / — Hedge, a fintech company that transforms payroll into Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum, has partnered with MLS veteran forward CJ Sapong to convert a portion of his salary directly into cryptocurrency.

CJ Sapong (IG: @CJSapong TW:@BigAfrika88), known for being one of the most reliable & consistent goal-scorers in Major League Soccer and Nashville SC’s reigning Offensive Player of the Year, is not just a star on pitch. CJ is also a respected cryptocurrency enthusiast who, after leading his team to a playoff run, is stepping into a role advising Hedge as the company explodes into the marketplace. Nashville’s number 17 will also use Hedge convert a portion of his 2021 MLS bonuses and future salary payments into crypto, and is ready to explain why he chose his personal allocations & a relationship with the team at Hedge

“Anytime you add automation to budgeting, you’re creating a more efficient lifestyle. But when you add the ability to invest into a space that has a large use case, through that automation you bring a sense of security and serenity knowing you are consistently building towards your future.” Says Sapong, “My experience with the team at Hedge has brought a lot of educational tools and resources that have increased my comfort and knowledge of the blockchain and cryptocurrency. Now with Hedge’s payroll conversion platform I can focus on my profession knowing that success on the field is directly linked to financial freedom off of it.”

Now with Hedge’s payroll conversion platform I can focus on my profession knowing that success on the field is directly linked to financial freedom off of it.

CJ SapongNashville SC Forward

By using Hedge, CJ is leveraging the strategy of dollar-cost averaging through automated conversion of his paychecks with to smooth out market volatility as he continues to build out his personal digital currency nest eggs.

“Hedge is proud to work with CJ and are excited that this dynamic professional athlete is helping lead the movement in making Crypto easier and more accessible for more Americans than ever before,” said Hedge founder, David Schwartz. “Hedge is a convenient, frictionless way for virtually anyone to join the movement towards monetary freedom.”

Hedge is built to scale so employees can seamlessly convert a customizable portion of their payroll compensation into crypto and securely deposit it into their individual wallets or leave it directly on Hedge. Hedge’s platform allows a person’s pay to still be sent out in government backed money like the dollar from employer to employee, so neither side incurs a separate taxable event at the original point of pay. Employers of any size, from family run businesses to Fortune 500 companies will be able to offer the service as an employee driven option, knowing it is fully compliant and free to them as a company.

The service is available now! Interested parties can sign up and start taking advantage of dollar cost averaging into cryptocurrencies today at

Cornerstone Global Management, Inc.
+1 608-535-2248
email us here

Hedge Teams Up With ‘Cryptocurrency With Matthew J. Moore’ Radio Show To Educate The Masses

One of America's Only Cryptocurrency Radio Shows is now sponsored by hedge

Focus Will Be On Educating Tulsa’s 1 Million Residents Through Popular 102.3 FM Crypto Show And Growing Streaming Presence

Hedge, a payroll-to-cryptocurrency conversion service based out of Brentwood, Tennessee, has teamed up with the ‘Cryptocurrency With Matthew J. Moore’ show, a popular radio show airing on 102.3 KRMG in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with shows also available on Spotify, Apple, and Google podcasts.

The Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-based radio show airs live every Sunday evening with Matt Moore and his team to a potential local audience of 1 million Tulsa and surrounding area residents, hosting guests from every corner of the nascent technologies that make up the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. The show has garnered positive reviews for its focus on promoting the most beneficial and least understood aspects of Bitcoin, and the sovereign freedoms obtained through the investing of such a paradigm-shifting technology in today’s digital world.

They have the pulse of Tulsa and crypto education down to a tee, so it's a perfect way to continue one of our own core goals of mass education = mass adoption.

David SchwartzCEO

“Hedge is excited to expand its goal to both enable the masses in converting any amount of their pay directly into cryptocurrencies and also educate them about the benefits, inner workings and many use cases it provides everyone,” says David Schwartz, CEO of Cornerstone Global Management, Inc., Hedge’s company. “We’re excited to do this with Matt and his team. They have the pulse of Tulsa and crypto education down to a tee, so it’s a perfect way to continue one of our own core goals of mass education = mass adoption.”

Matt reiterated the same by stating, “My goal with the radio show has always been to grow cryptocurrency understanding and adoption, by meeting people where they are. Radio has been a perfect platform to do this and teaming up with Hedge will give us greater tools and knowledge to help enhance these educational efforts.”

The radio show, which airs every Sunday evening from 5-6 pm CST, will begin the educational partnership with the December 12th show and initially run 6 months.

About Cornerstone Global Management, Inc

Cornerstone Global Management, Inc provides a simple and seamless way for employees to allocate any portion of their salary for conversions into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum and sent to the wallet(s) of their choice through their revolutionary platform ‘Hedge’. The platform is also available for integration directly into any cryptocurrency wallet, exchange, or app. Cornerstone’s ability to fully service the individual investor also includes pre-paid/debit card offerings involving cryptocurrencies, giving its users a full spectrum of services.

About Matthew J. Moore

Matt is a cryptocurrency consultant and sound money enthusiast who creates educational videos and on-air segments on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. In 2019 Matt was responsible for helping author some of the very first pro cryptocurrency legislation introduced in the Oklahoma legislature. Matt was also given the opportunity to host an interim study at the Oklahoma State Capitol in order to teach lawmakers about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Matt is the current host of ‘Cryptocurrency with Matthew Moore‘ on 102.3 KRMG out of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

NASCAR Driver And MLS Soccer Star Team Up with Hedge to Convert Salary in Crypto

nascar and mls soccer sponsorship photo

XFinity Series racer Landon Cassill and Nashville SC Forward CJ Sapong to help beta test service that converts any portion of their pay into cryptocurrencies

DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 26, 2021 / — Hedge, a cryptocurrency fintech company that converts payroll into Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum, today is proud to announce that NASCAR driver Landon Cassill and MLS Forward CJ Sapong have begun using their platform to convert a portion of their salaries directly into cryptocurrencies.

Cassill, whose #4 car will race in tomorrow night’s WaWa 250, has been a crypto pioneer in the NASCAR community by accepting his sponsorship from Hedge and crypto platform partner Voyager in the popular cryptocurrency Litecoin earlier this year. Moving forward from tonight’s race, Landon will also automatically convert a portion of his regular salary into cryptocurrencies Litecoin and Bitcoin.

CJ Sapong, rated as one of the top 50 players in Major League Soccer, is an advisor to Hedge and will also be converting a portion of his MLS salary into Litecoin through the service. CJ will have his converted pay sent to a partner wallet of Hedge, Digifox. Digifox has also chosen to directly integrate Hedge into it’s own platform as a way for it’s own users to also take advantage of the ability to dollar cost average through payroll conversion.

Hedge is proud to work with Landon and CJ, and we are excited that these dynamic professional athletes are leading the movement to make Crypto easier and more accessible than ever before.

David SchwartzCEO

“Hedge is a convenient, frictionless way for virtually anyone to join the movement towards monetary freedom,” said Hedge founder David Schwartz.

Both athletes intend to leverage a dollar-cost averaging strategy through automated conversion of their paychecks with to smooth out market volatility as they continue to build out their personal digital currency nest eggs.

Hedge is built to scale so employees can seamlessly convert a customizable portion of their payroll compensation into crypto and securely deposit it into their individual wallets. Through Hedge, pay is still sent out in government-backed money like the dollar from employer to employee, so neither side incurs a separate taxable event at the original point of payment. Employers of any size, from family-run businesses to Fortune 500 companies, will be able to offer the service as an employee-driven option, knowing it is fully compliant.

The service will be available to the public in September. Interested parties can reserve their place and sign up now at

Hedge Joins Voyager In NASCAR First By Paying Car Sponsorship With Crypto

Landon Cassill Nascar Driver smiling

XFinity Series Driver Landon Cassill To Receive Hedge Sponsorship In Litecoin; Will Use Hedge To Convert Regular Pay Into Litecoin

Hedge, a cryptocurrency fintech platform that allows users to convert any portion of their pay into Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, is making history alongside popular trading and staking app, Voyager, as the first companies to sponsor a NASCAR race team by paying in cryptocurrencies.

Hedge and Voyager have teamed up with NASCAR driver Landon Cassill, whose #4 car is part of NASCAR’s Xfinity racing series. The sponsorship is for 20 of the final 24 races of the 2021 racing season. Voyager, the primary sponsor, will cover the majority of the race car, with Hedge and the cryptocurrency Litecoin gracing the back ‘TV’ bumper for the 20 planned races, which started on May 22nd at Circuit of the America’s Pit Boss 250 in Austin, Texas.

Both Voyager and Hedge paid for their sponsorship in Litecoin, a cryptocurrency known as the ‘Silver to Bitcoin’s Gold’ and used primarily as a payments coin and store of value. Litecoin is also a favorite cryptocurrency of Landon’s, as evidenced by his participation in a pro athlete panel on cryptos at the 2019 Global Litecoin Summit held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Landon will also use Hedge’s payroll to crypto conversion platform,, to earn a portion of his pay from Landon Cassill, Inc. in Litecoin and have it sent automatically to his Voyager account. This will make Cassill the first known NASCAR driver to convert any type of income through racing into cryptocurrencies.

“I am thrilled for this new partnership with Hedge and Litecoin.” stated Landon Cassill on the sponsorship.

Charlie has been a friend for a couple years now, and has helped me navigate the crypto world and welcomed me into the Litecoin community. Hedge is a really unique product that fits me very well, as I have been exploring ways to run my payroll through cryptocurrency. I’m excited to use the product for myself and have them on my racecar all season!

— Landon Cassill

As part of the sponsorship agreement with NASCAR’s Landon Cassill, Hedge will be sponsoring a meetup prior to four of the twenty races they are on Landon’s racecar. These meetups are meant to connect with both racing and cryptocurrency fans the day prior to the race. The meetups will be managed and attended in person by Hedge’s new Director of Marketing and Social Engagement, former WWE Superstar Danielle Moinet, and various other members of the Hedge team.

About Hedge: Hedge is a fintech platform run by Cornerstone Global Management, Inc. that allows employees to convert any portion of their payroll in Bitcoin, Litecoin and/or Ethereum at a highly competitive rate, also automatically sending them to the cryptocurrency wallets of their choosing.

About Voyager Digital Ltd.: Voyager Digital Ltd. is a publicly traded holding company whose subsidiaries operate a crypto-asset platform that provides retail and institutional investors with a seamless solution to trade crypto assets. The Voyager platform provides customers with competitive price execution through its smart order router and a custody solution on a wide choice of popular crypto-assets. Voyager was founded by established Wall Street and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who teamed to bring a better, more transparent, and cost-efficient alternative for trading crypto-assets to the marketplace. Please visit us at for more information.

About Landon Cassill: Landon is an American professional stock car racing driver. He competes full-time in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, driving the Nos. 4 and 6 Chevrolet Camaros for JD Motorsports.

TransCard President Tabbed As Key Advisor To Cryptocurrency Fintech Company

Transcard Promotional image with CEO Chris Fuller

Cornerstone Global Management, LLC (CGM) announced today that Chris Fuller, President of TransCard, an integrated global technology and payments company located in Chattanooga, Tennessee as a key advisor for it’s soon to be released payroll to crypto conversion platform ‘Hedge‘.

As President of TransCard, Chris oversees the overall strategic direction and further expanding corporate partners and relationships by providing TransCard’s technology for faster, more efficient payments. He also recently co-founded two new businesses: Prysym, a global payment technologies company for the European market providing a global in/out API bank grade platform; and Tralia Health providing small businesses and individuals with alternative offerings for health benefits. He was formerly with U.S. Xpress, a leading transportation and logistics company in the United States, as Vice President and General Manager.

Chris has been an integral 'behind the scenes' proponent for us for a quite a few months already, so bringing him in officially as a key advisor only makes sense.

— David Schwartz, CGM & Hedge CEO

Over the past eight months, Hedge has transformed it’s focus and strategic planning through ongoing assistance and guidance from Chris, allowing itself to be favorably positioned for the rush of employees globally who will seek easier and more seamless ways to dollar cost average (DCA) into cryptocurrencies than the now standard, step-by-step practice of manually purchasing, moving and storing them on or off an exchange.

“Chris has been an integral ‘behind the scenes’ proponent for us for a quite a few months already, so bringing him in officially as a key advisor only makes sense. I don’t know where we would honestly be without him at this point, and I don’t want to know,” stated David Schwartz, CEO and Co-Founder of CGM and Hedge.

Hedge recently rebranded to it’s current name, while also making news by adding former WWE Superstar Danielle Moinet (aka Summer Rae) as Director of Marketing & Social Media Engagement, and veteran MLS star CJ Sapong of the Nashville SC as Professional Athlete & Teams Engagement Advisor. Hedge’s payroll to crypto conversion program is currently scheduled to be available to employees in the United States, Europe and UK in the mid to latter half of 2021.

About Transcard: Transcard makes frictionless payments a reality with comprehensive global payment solutions designed for banks, fintechs, and
businesses of any size and in any industry. Transcard delivers solutions for business-to-business (B2B) payments, consumer-to-business (C2B) payments,
business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) payments, account-to-account automation, and Banking as a Service (BaaS). Our solutions combine unmatched multi-rail capabilities, embedded workflows, best-in-class integration, effortless reconciliation, and bank-grade security. These are some of the
reasons that 550 businesses and more than 200 banks trust Transcard with their payments. Learn more at

About Hedge: Hedge is a payroll conversion product created by CGM to help employees convert any portion of their pay into Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum through Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA), and automatically sending it to the cryptocurrency wallet(s) of their choice.

CJ Sapong Scores Advisor Role To Crypto Fintech Company, Will Convert Portion of MLS Salary Into Cryptocurrencies

MLS Promotional image with player CJ Sapong

Hedge To Convert CJ’s Salary to Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, With Digifox As His Crypto Wallet of Choice

Fresh off the heels of announcing former WWE Superstar Summer Rae (Danielle Moinet) as the first female athlete to accept an executive position with a cryptocurrency company, Cornerstone Global Management, LLC (CGM) is happy to also announce the addition of active Major League Soccer star, CJ Sapong as an advisor to Hedge. Hedge’s addition of CJ helps them gain access to both management and players of teams across multiple sports at the professional level. He also provides the first-hand experience and mindset of a pro athlete who may be interested in converting a portion of their pay into cryptocurrencies.

...I am excited about the potential Hedge brings to athletes, specifically. Time is already at a premium for us, so dollar cost averaging into Bitcoin, Litecoin and a perfect fit,”

— CJ Sapong

CJ has been in the cryptocurrency space for a number of years, and recently spoke on a panel alongside former MMA champion Ben Askren and active NASCAR driver Landon Cassill at the 2019 Litecoin Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. These experiences have prepared him in helping Hedge reach the ‘goal’ of teaching other athletes the importance of holding cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum within their investment portfolio.

CJ will also be the first professional athlete to use Cornerstone’s payroll conversion program,, to convert a portion of his salary as an MLS player into Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum upon its release. In doing so, he has also chosen Digifox, the multi-functional cryptocurrency wallet created by the famous YouTuber Nicholas Merten (aka DataDash), as the destination for his converted salary.

“Having been in the cryptocurrency space as an investor for a few years now, I am excited about the potential Hedge brings to athletes, specifically. Time is already at a premium for us, so dollar cost averaging into Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum through Hedge’s payroll conversion program is a perfect fit,” states CJ.

“I’m also excited about using Digifox as the wallet my pay in crypto will be going to. I’m basically able to do everything with my crypto I want in one app, and have been a fan of it for some time already.”

Nicholas Merten, the CEO of Digifox and YouTube Crypto Star known as DataDash had this to say about CJ choosing Digifox as the destination for his converted pay into crypto:

“CJ is one of the few leading athletes that are helping to spark a revolution in the cryptocurrency industry. We’re incredibly thankful he’s chosen to use Digifox, and we couldn’t be more proud to help in leading crypto forward into the mainstream.”

A ten-year MLS veteran, CJ currently plays Forward for Nashville SC and was named MLS Rookie of the Year in 2011. He won the Open Cup Championship with Kansas City in 2012, and MLS Championship in 2013. He has also represented the United States national team and most recently played for the Chicago Fire from 2019-2020. CJ is seen as a respected and key leader within the MLS Players Association, and most recently helped form the organization Black Players for Change in 2020.

About Digifox: Digifox is an all-in-one financial application, allow you to buy cryptocurrencies, earn interest on your savings, and send/receive money across the globe. From earning 10% on your savings, to building your crypto portfolio, Digifox has got you covered.

About Hedge: Hedge is a payroll conversion product created by CGM to help employees convert any portion of their pay into Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum through Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA), and automatically sending it to the cryptocurrency wallet(s) of their choice.